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 Washed in the Hurricane:
Poems for an Endangered Paradise

(Wind Eagle Press, 2024) compiles 40 years of poetry about
wild nature, both in its natural habitat and amid the
human world, culminating in an unflinching look at climate
change. It concludes with a prose essay challenging
poets to renew their age-old role as emissaries of nature
$20.00; 142-page paperback.

 Wild Atlanta: Greenspaces & Nature Preserves of Metro Atlanta
(Wind Eagle Press, 2023) is a coffee-table book pairing poems
about Atlanta’s many protected urban wildspaces with
photographs by Luz Wright. Published with an “Artist Project”
grant from the Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs.
$40.00; 98-page oversized paperback; full color throughout.

Four-Wheeler & Two-Legged: Poems (Southeastern Front, 1992)
covers the usual poetic obsessions— love, death,
nature, travel— but also delves deeply into the political
urgencies of its time, including covert war in
Central America and the threat of nuclear holocaust.
$15.00; 106-page paperback

Crossing the Expressway: Poems from the Open Road
(Dolphins & Orchids, 2001) collects twelve years and a
hundred thousand miles of poetry about Wing’s
youthful hitchhiking adventures, illustrated with
“found art” collected along the highway shoulder.
$12.00; 94-page paperback


The Earth Poetry chapbook series (Wind Eagle Press 2014-2018) consists of four chapbooks devoted to poems for the trees, for the animals, for the water, and for the living planet itself.
$20.00 set; four 24-page chapbooks


A Country Beyond All Borders:
Poems for the Trees
$5.00; 24-page chapbook


As Above, So Below:
Poems for the Water
$5.00; 24-page chapbook


To the Animal Tribes:
Poems for the Animals
$5.00; 24-page chapbook


Under the Pavement:
Poems for the Land
$5.00; 24-page chapbook

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