Washed in the Hurricane

Poems for an Endangered Paradise

by Stephen Wing

Published by Wind Eagle Press
Retail $20.00 (trade paperback) 142 pages
ISBN 978-0-9793907-3-9

Washed in the Hurricane compiles four decades of poetry addressing the overriding issue of our time: our disconnect as a society from the natural systems that sustain our lives, and its increasingly catastrophic results. The poems cover Wing’s encounters with wilderness, glimpses of the wild amid the human world, and the causes and repercussions of climate change. The book concludes with an essay on the ancient and timeless role of poets as the voice of nature in human affairs.

Stephen Wing discovered the wilderness in the summer after 9th grade, and suddenly the world made sense. A deep connection to wild nature has been his spiritual center ever since. Though his work as a poet explores other themes, his lifelong relationship with nature is the heart of his work.

“He is the rare poet who has something important to say, and who says it clearly and powerfully.”   Joel J. Brattin, professor of English